Furniture restoration & Repairs in Auckland – Kimata repairs Ltd

Reasons for restoration

Here are some of the reasons people like to restore furniture.

Some pieces are significant because they have been with you and your family for a long time, perhaps generations. These are heirlooms, which we treasure. You may be wanting to keep them in good order to pass on further when the time comes.

These days it is hard to find the old timbers to make a new piece of furniture that matches your home or your tastes. The timber is often just not available. And many old timbers have a strength, weight, and grain which cannot be easily matched with currently available timbers. The only option is often to repair what you have.

These days most furniture is factory made, often designed for fast sales at the cheapest possible cost. Many older pieces show their age, but they also have beauty and character. They were probably hand-made. If you want to keep your old furniture, why not have it look its best? A handsome piece is a pleasure to see and live with.

Furniture usually serves a purpose too. It stores things, or protects them, or displays them. Furniture in good order helps look after the things it supports or houses. A key function for some furniture is supporting people. We don’t want chairs collapsing; or beds. They should be stable and comfortable.

Beyond being a work of art, furniture can also be a significant asset. Some pieces are increasing in value. To bring it up to its full glory is an investment. Good furniture also enhances the value of your property.

We can bring furniture back to its original beauty and condition.